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Who is this for

Users of Kubernetes

Users of Kubernetes will develop a deeper understanding of Kubernetes through learning the fundamental concepts behind how APIs are designed and implemented. This book will teach readers how to develop their own Kubernetes APIs and the principles from which the core Kubernetes APIs are designed.


  • The structure of Kubernetes APIs and Resources
  • API versioning semantics
  • Self-healing
  • Garbage Collection and Finalizers
  • Declarative vs Imperative APIs
  • Level-Based vs Edge-Base APIs
  • Resources vs Subresources

Kubernetes API extension developers

API extension developers will learn the principals and concepts behind implementing canonical Kubernetes APIs, as well as simple tools and libraries for rapid execution. This book covers pitfalls and misconceptions that extension developers commonly encounter.


  • How to batch multiple events into a single reconciliation call
  • How to configure periodic reconciliation
  • Forthcoming
    • When to use the lister cache vs live lookups
    • Garbage Collection vs Finalizers
    • How to use Declarative vs Webhook Validation
    • How to implement API versioning