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Deploying the cert manager

We suggest using cert manager for provisioning the certificates for the webhook server. Other solutions should also work as long as they put the certificates in the desired location.

You can follow the cert manager documentation to install it.

Cert manager also has a component called CA injector, which is responsible for injecting the CA bundle into the Mutating|ValidatingWebhookConfiguration.

To accomplish that, you need to use an annotation with key in the Mutating|ValidatingWebhookConfiguration objects. The value of the annotation should point to an existing certificate CR instance in the format of <certificate-namespace>/<certificate-name>.

This is the kustomize patch we used for annotating the Mutating|ValidatingWebhookConfiguration objects.

# This patch add annotation to admission webhook config and
# the variables $(CERTIFICATE_NAMESPACE) and $(CERTIFICATE_NAME) will be substituted by kustomize.
kind: MutatingWebhookConfiguration
  name: mutating-webhook-configuration
kind: ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
  name: validating-webhook-configuration